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The kiltpin says a lot about its wearer.

No one should be prepared to stick any old thing on their kilt just because they think it is a tradition to do so.

Many pins focus on a family or clan crest connection. But the very tartan itself should do that.

So, how about pinning something on to your kilt which says “this is me”?

Brenda Temple DA was raised in the Scottish Borders, an independent spirit and original thinker.

After graduating from the internationally-renowned Glasgow School of Art and becoming one of her country’s finest jewellery designers, she discovered that more and more of her fellow Scots, tired of the poor selection elsewhere, were coming to her studio seeking a kiltpin that was distinctly different, a little more interesting than the norm or simply nice and wacky.

In every case they wanted something that declared a little about them as individuals.

Here, Brenda shows some of her new designs alongside some which are a little more traditionally-based.

Those who prefer a strong link with the past can browse the gallery which features classic antique and vintage kiltpins. Again, each one has been beautifully made and is a collectors’ item.


Robin Williams with a Shooglenifty Kilt Pin
Robin Williams with a Shooglenifty pin on his Balmoral bonnet at the Lonach Gathering

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contemporary and classic designs
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